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Elizabeth HAYWARD arrived in Sydney with the first fleet in 1788 per "Lady Penrhyn" having been tried in Middlesex in  1787 and sentenced to 7 years transportation (from an entry for 'Elizabeth Hayward' on Lesley Uebel's page at http://users.bigpond.net.au/convicts/page76.html and other sources). Her age was given as 13, and so she was born ~1774. 

There is an Elizabeth Hayward baptism recorded on 30 July 1773 at St.Mary's, Whitechapel to parents Samuel and Elizabeth. However, there is no proof that these two Elizabeth Haywards are the same person. 

Elizabeth went to Norfolk Island on 4 Mar 1790 per "Sirius". She had three children by William NICHOLLS who arrived in 1792 per "Royal Admiral" and it appears that he left Norfolk Island sometime around 1796. 

A convict by the name of George COLLINS is listed in the Norfolk Island records as having received 2 shirts, material for shoes and food for 365 days in 1802 and dying suddenly on 2 Mar 1804. It is possible that Elizabeth had a son to this convict George COLLINS, named George. 

The main evidence for George's (of Evandale) parentage is that Elizabeth HAYWARD left Norfolk Island in January 1813 per "Lady Nelson", arriving in Port Dalrymple on 20 Jan 1813, and she is listed as Elizabeth Hayward 39 years old, wife of Joseph Lowe and accompanied by two children listed with surnames Hayward/Lowe: Margaret 17 years old and George 11 years old (hence born ~1802). The following explains why I believe that this is George Collins of Evandale.

Joseph Lowe was born ~1771 and died 1853 in Launceston, Tasmania (from http://resources.archives.tas.gov.au/pioneers/). He was tried at Warwick in 1788 and sentenced to transportation for life (from an entry for 'Joseph Lowe (Lowen)' on Lesley Uebel's page at http://users.bigpond.net.au/convicts/page3.html) sailing from Portsmouth and arriving in Sydney per "Matilda" on 1 Aug 1791. He may have gone to Norfolk Island on the "Mary Ann" which sailed a week later on the 8 Aug 1791 or perhaps later in the year per "Queen" on 2 Nov 1791.

While Margaret was the daughter of Elizabeth Hayward and William Nicholls, William left Norfolk Island ~1796 and so could not be the father of George aged 11 in 1813. An edict (?by Governor King) decreed that convicts should be known by the surname of their natural father (I'm not sure of the date of the edict) and so if George was in fact the child of convict George Collins then this would explain why his named had changed by the time of his marriage and receiving of land grants in the 1820s. 

There is a reference to 60 acres of land on the South Esk river granted to George COLLINS, a native of Norfolk Island. A further reference states that he rented a further 200 acres from his father in law, Joseph Low. Apparently in those times, the term "father in law" was also used to describe a step-father.

Also, George COLLINS of Evandale died 8 Mar 1870, 70 years old (from his death certificate, district of George Town registered 29 Mar 1870). This would put his date of birth ~1800, although of course the age could be rounded or an estimate so ~1802 on Norfolk Island is plausible. 

George Collins' will, which names his wife Mary Ann Collins (nee Sydes) and their children, was drawn up and signed on 1 Jun 1869 and there is a note re affadavits attesting to the will dated 25 Apr 1870. This indicates that the death certificate is in fact that of George Collins of Evandale. The affadavits and indeed the executors of the will are named as David GIBSON and James GIBSON. This forms a connection with Elizabeth HAYWARD, as her first daughter Elizabeth married a David GIBSON (who died in 1858) and it is likely that David and James are in fact George's nephews. 

George COLLINS married Mary Ann SYDES on 8 Jul 1822 at St Johns church in Launceston. It is interesting to note that she came from Norfolk Island to Tasmania on the same ship as George with her parents Richard SYDES and Ann WHITE. They had thirteen children between 1824 and 1838.

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